Waterford Police Department
Waterford, Connecticut
Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I contact an officer?

A:  Officers can be contacted in person, by phone or by email.  You can come into the police department if you need to speak with an officer in person.  If you need a certain officer, call the main number, 860-442-9451 and ask to be connected to that officer’s voicemail.  You can also send the officer an email.  Each officer has an email assigned to them which is addressed using their first initial and last name.  Ex:  Officer John Smith could be reached at jsmith@waterfordct.org.


Q:  Can I set up a police K-9 demonstration at an event?

A:   Yes.  The Waterford Police Department has two K-9 units and often holds demonstrations at various events.  To get additional information, please contact Lt. Ferland who oversees the K-9 program via email at dferland@waterfordct.org.


Q  :  Can I set up a tour of the police department?

A:  Yes.  Tours of the police department are routinely set up for local groups and residents. For further information, please contact Community Engagement Officer Eric Fredricks at 860-442-9451 or efredricks@waterfordct.org.


Q:  Can I hire a police officer for a detail?

A:  Yes. Officers are often hired by private companies and residents for various functions.  If you are a contractor needing police presence at a construction detail, please contact Lt. VanOverloop at 860-442-9451.  If there is no answer, please ask to speak with the shift supervisor and do not simply leave a voicemail.  If you are not a contractor, the detail must be approved by the administration prior to being offered.  Please contact the on shift supervisor at 860-442-9451 and chose Option 4.


Q:  Can I get a Protective Order or Restraining Order at the police department?

A:  No.  Protective Orders and Restraining Orders are issued at the court.  If you live in New London County, you can apply for an order at New London Superior Court, 112 Broad Street, New London, Connecticut.  Police can only issue Temporary Protective Orders after a Domestic Violence arrest. The State of Connecticut Judicial website has additional information HERE


Q:  What should I do with found property?

A:  If you find property in the Town of Waterford, you can either bring it to the Waterford Police Department or you can call the main number and an officer will respond to your location.  


Q:  Can I make a police report over the phone?

A:  Maybe.  If you are reporting something non-criminal, such as a hazardous road condition, then you can call the main number and make a report to any officer or dispatcher who is available to answer your call.  If the complaint is criminal in nature, then officers may need to verify identification, seize evidence and obtain statements and therefore will need to meet with you in person.


Q:  How do I apply to the Waterford Police Department?

A:  The Waterford Police Department utilizes the Law Enforcement Council of Southeastern Connecticut (LEC) for hiring new officers.  The L.E.C. website can be found HERE  If interested in a Community Service Officer position, or as an Emergency Dispatcher, please contact the Town of Waterford Human Resources office at the Town Hall. (15 Rope Ferry Road, Waterford, CT.)


Q:  Can I request the speed trailer on my road?

A:   Yes.  To request the speed trailer on your road, please contact Traffic Officer Jake Nickerson at 860-442-9451 or email at Jnickerson@waterfordct.org.


Q:  Can I request officers for a safety fair or public event?

A:  Yes.  Depending on the type of event and date it is to be held. Please contact the shift supervisor at 860-442-9451.


Q:  How do I get a copy of a report?

A:   To request a copy of a report, please call the Waterford Police records division, 860-447-2212, Monday through Friday from 8am-4pm.  Please have as much information as possible, preferably a case number to assist records personnel in locating the requested information. Not all cases are immediately available for release. Most information requests require a completed Records Request Form, which can be located on this site.


Q:  Do Waterford Police Officers volunteer for community events, parades or other functions in town?

A:  Yes.  Officers routinely volunteer for various causes.  Officers regularly volunteer at events benefiting the March of Dimes, Make-A-Wish Foundation and the CT Special Olympics to name a few. They have also volunteered their time at Waterford Week events, community events with the Youth Services Department and many other functions.  If you are holding a charity event and are wondering if officers would participate, please contact the Waterford Police Union President Ryan Spearrin by email at Rspearrin@waterfordct.org.